NPR radio show Tell Me More was all set to air its interview with the author of the memoir Love and Consequences today, but then producers picked up this morning's Times and realized that might not be such a great idea. So they put in a phone call or email or something to the author, Margaret Seltzer, and are eagerly waiting to hear back. In the (likely eternal) meantime, they posted a very brief excerpt of their interview with Seltzer (pen name Margaret Jones), featured after the jump. Also after the jump: Some choice moments from Seltzer's interview with another radio show, WBUR's On Point, in which Seltzer sounds like she's scrambling to keep her lies hidden.

NPR bit:

From WBUR, Seltzer is a little too defensive about how many kids she shared her South Central LA foster home with:

Also from WBUR, Seltzer protects her ruse as she so often does, by shifting the conversation from the specifics of her life to broader social issues. (Incidentally, this story was clearly recycled for the NPR clip above, nearly verbatim, but that tactic is hardly uncommon among authors on book tours.)