Time Out New York columnist Julia Allison's geeklust hardly began or ended with her romance to Vimeo founder and general crazy person Jakob Lodwick. Last year she and a friend flew out to Silicon Valley to find tech boyfriends, or at least a geek willing to tweak their websites, including by licking any security issues and biting the best new technologies. They also spent time with (shudder) TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington. The latest nerd on Allison's radar screen: Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com and friend to hot female journalists everywhere. Rose asked Allison out on a date a few months ago, then he maybe set her up with an account on his Twitter clone Pownce. Now Allison is at the Future Of Web Apps conference in South Beach, and it's not all "blunk drogging" and wearing bikinis: she's also been working the geek crowd, in particular Rose, according to one source, who writes she's been seen "partying and all up on Kevin Rose." Valleywag is hearing the same thing, and even has a couple of innocuous cell phone shots, one of which follows after the jump, along with some scenes of how Allison prepares for the brave future of the Web (hint: it involves many short skirts and bathing suits):

[Julia Allison]