Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination has perfected the geographic excuse. South Carolina wasn't representative because the primary electorate was so black; defeat in Delaware didn't count because the state was so small; Maine held a caucus, dominated by Obama-loving activists, and it snowed. Clinton headquarters used the same playbook when dismissing the endorsement of Barack Obama by Arcade Fire, the indie band. They're Canadian, the Clintonites claimed, so their support doesn't count. Except the band members, as noted by Adam Nagourney of the New York Times, actually grew up in Texas, the biggest state up for grabs in the Democratic race this coming Tuesday. Despite the rush of actors and musicians to Obama's camp, Hillary does retain some cultural cred. Last night's appearance by the Senator on Saturday Night Live , though it lacked the impact of her husband's saxophone show on Arsenio in 1992, wasn't entirely embarrassing. Click for the clip.