Star magazine editor-at-large Julia Allison typically lavishes her marketing energy on a single product, herself. "How to make You the sexiest brand on the market," she recently explained to readers of Time Out. Last night, however, she lent her star power to another, lesser trademark. It was hard to tell whether yesterday's gathering at Paris Commune in the West Village was a celebration of Allison's 27th birthday, a photo shoot or a launch event for Pink vodka. Guests were asked to wear pink clothes; the cupcakes were pink; and Allison posed for photographs holding bottles of Pink. Every waking moment is a photo opportunity; and every photograph is an opportunity to build the brand of You, and Your alcohol sponsor! Now I admire Julia's shamelessness in lining up free liquor for a private party. But she didn't need to give her backers quite such a thorough commercial blowjob. And, though this may be unkind: there is something sad about a birthday party at which photographers, promoters and random party-hoppers, outnumbering the host's real friends, look awkwardly at each other when it's time to sing "Happy Birthday", too embarrassed to join in. (After the jump, a video by Nick McGlynn.)