Maybe you thought you were going to Parsons design school to take pictures like Annie Leibovitz or make paintings like Jackson Pollock or whatever, but the joke is on you, hipster, because when you get there and settle in to your first class all of a sudden everyone will be talking about making internet sex tapes or maybe their fake 90-day suicide plan or titillating their way to cable news punditry, and it will be all be part of the curriculum. In a crumbling America that can't actually make anything except narcissistic "reality" entertainment, Parsons has taken the ingenious step of launching a class where grades are determined by internet fame. Professor Jamie Wilkinson even created proprietary software to track attention by monitoring not just traffic but also Twitter and blog posts, response videos and friend requests (our boss is already salivating). When does Julia Allison get to move into her new Parsons wing and endowed chair? Aspiring Web hottie Sarah Meyers's video about the horrifying future of education, after the jump.