It's the end of one of the great magazine marriages: deputy editor Chris Tennant, right-hand viper to Radar's Maer Roshan, is leaving the magazine. The move isn't entirely surprising. Tennant (whose brain is an encyclopedia of who's fucked whom, literally and metaphorically) has lasted longer than any other veteran of the long-suffering magazine. (In the photo, Tennant is to the right.)

Roshan, in his announcement, jokes: "Chris has been involved with this project from its inception in the early 50s." Tennant was a diehard, sticking with Roshan through his magazine's first and second hiatus; but he's always been drawn to New York's plutocratic society. His forthcoming book, The Official Filthy Rich Handbook, provides some hope of joining them, more than a gig, even a well-paying one, at a financially vulnerable magazine.

Unfortunately, the book project did also alienate Tennant's Radar colleagues: it wasn't so much that Tennant was distracted; more that he recruited the magazine's Sarah Horne to do much of the writing. I think that shows admirable talent as a rentier, of course.

Extra tidbit: when the former Talk editor was trying to rustle up funding for the first incarnation of his Radar project in 2002, he tried to find young Tennant some temp work as editor of one of those new-fangled blogs, a site which was to be called Gawker.