Let's play a guessing-game! A shamelessly link-whoring blogger has collected photographs of every fellow geek you've ever seen, and many you haven't. (We've put them together in a gorgeous tapestry of self-regarding dorkiness, in a shameless link-whoring exercise of our own.) There's a reason most of these faces are hard to recognize. If bloggers were hot, they'd be washed-up teen football stars, or on TV. Whereas the mainly pasty faces in this gallery are basically the nerds who got ignored in high school. Writes Young Manhattanite: "It's like Children of the Corn, except they killed all the black people and all the women... I feel like I've scanned past the same photo 352 times." Which makes this test particularly hard: even if you dispute the very notion of a famous blogger, see how many of them you can recognize. Your score, and ritual abuse of blogger looks, in the comments. We're working on the honor system here, so no cheating by looking at the original gallery, which has the names. Special bonus question, to sort out the empty boasters: we've sneaked a stray photo into the mix, of a priest arrested for indecent exposure; who is he? (Click for an enlarged view).