First Chelsea Clinton left a nine-year-old Scholastic News reporter "crestfallen" by stonewalling her interview request, saying, "I don't talk to the press, and that applies to you." Around the same time, Chelsea's mom Hillary attacked Democratic presidential opponent Barack Obama for statements he made while in kindergarten. Now Gary Busey has taken child pundit abuse to new extremes, playing serious hardball with an 11-year-old StarzLife reporter outside the Oscar after-party of the United Nations Children's Foundation. According to StarzLife, "a'Busey" was "visibly intoxicated," yanked away the camera from the reporter and "proceeded to bend down and spit-yell right to the little girl's face." Busey has already apologized to his idol Ryan Seacrest for behavior earlier in the evening, but given that child reporters now get about as much respect as paparazzi, StarzLife wisely decided to just post the whole thing to YouTube and move on to the next belligerent public figure: