Television critics are defending Barack Obama's vision of a less racist America by saying only a black comedian is allowed to make fun of the presidential candidate. Fred Armisen tried to imitate Obama on Saturday Night Live but it was not funny, thanks to Armisen's Japanese and Venezuelan ancestors, and now critics of all races are uniting to make Armisen aware of how his genes make his dreams impossible. Apparent white lady Maureen Ryan led the charge from the Chicago Tribune, writing, " there's only one thing that would justify giving the role to a non-black performer — if the person who took on the role was simply terrific as Obama." Then black woman Hannah Pool wrote in Britain's Guardian that "the Chicago Tribune should not hire a white TV critic to do a black TV critic's job." Kidding! She actually wrote, "Casting a black actor... would have made the whole thing a lot less shoddy." Actually, what made Armisen's performance weak was not the color of the skin but the (awkward) content of his (Obama) character, on display in this excerpt:

[via TVTattle]