When he was editor in chief of Star magazine, Joe Dolce would let nothing, not even a wedding, or journalistic ethics, keep him from telling a tawdry story. At least that was the idea, until Dolce found himself looking for a new job. A year later, Dolce has dusted himself off and taken the first critical step toward rehabilitating his image: becoming Facebook friends and, no doubt, lifetime soulmates with writer James Frey, another fallen purveyor of overaggressive, ethically-challenged "nonfiction." Dolce added the lying author of a Million Little Pieces to his friends list on Valentine's Day, which is just really sweet. Maybe he can convince Frey to accompany him on one of his travel-writing assignments — it's ethically challenged and everything, James! — and then learn the secret to profiting fabulously from infamy, as Frey did with the $2 million advance on his forthcoming novel.