Fox News correspondent Courtney Friel is not keeping her enemies at bay, despite fighting them with a terrifying blog where she ponders whether to get "contrast or Fox blonde" hair treatments. First Marty Davis, a conservative former TV anchor, smacked Friel yet again, calling her a "blank canvas constitutionally incapable" of becoming a real journalist. Then another less-than-friendly observer of Friel emailed Gawker some photos apparently removed from the talking head's website after she was hired at Fox. It would seem Friel has decided that a little sexy is professional, but too much sexy — Maxim sexy — is just embarrassing. Whatever happened to "any publicity is good publicity," as she wrote on her blog? Let's test that theory, and enjoy a video courtesy commenter "The One" involving Friel and a horse dick:

Friel on Fox News' Red Eye: "I have a problem with horse male genitalia. They need to wear diapers, because I feel violated... They are setting young girls up for high expectations, because none of their men are going to be like that. I was in Hawaii and I was going to go horseback riding and that was really big, and you would have thought I wanted to ride it, but no."