Fox News talking head Coutrney Friel was recently called a "bikini bonehead" and a walking non-sequitur, but Friel tried to juice the hate for all it was worth on her blog, writing, "any publicity is good publicity." In that spirit, she horrifically packed 58 photographs of herself onto the single, short page that constitutes her blog, virtually all of them headshots with an identical, robotic TV smile. While her pictures disorient and stun you, Friel's undated blog posts depress you, delivering kind-of-sad news about her career in a relentlessly upbeat style:

I get a lot of emails asking when people can see me on Fox News and what my role is exactly. Well...that is the beauty of working at a 24 hour channel...I am scattered all over and constantly trying out new things.

When I first started at FNC, I hosted a bunch of "Fox&Friends". Now Page is the permanent host but I still fill in if needed!

Just added some lowlights in my hair for the fall. Which do you like better- contrast or Fox blonde? I'm undecided.

Total buzzkill for "RedEye" fans. The show has been pushed back an hour, now airing from 3-4am. I'm still a weekly regular though. At least Hawaii folks can see it at a great time- 9pm! This is what Tivo is for! Watch it before work!