The Star's Candace Trunzo cheerfully admits that the gossip weekly pays for tips. "I make no qualms about it," says the rag's editor-in-chief. "I think all the celebrity magazines do it." Well, in that case... Star magazine promises $100 on up for useful information phoned into their 800 number, though the exact rate is subject to negotiation; Gawker's pay-for-play experiment is more high-tech. Send us secret memos (like this), revealing photographs (like this), or unique video footage (like this). For every contribution we run, and which isn't shot down as a fake, we'll pay our standard rate: $7.50 per thousand pageviews. Payment by Paypal or Amazon gift certificate. The traffic count is displayed next to every item. The offer runs for the rest of February. Leaks to (Outraged j-school ethics guardians can email me personally.)