Now that he's been with Britney Spears for a while and maybe secretly married her, Adnan Ghalib seems none too happy with his former comrades in the unruly paparazzi mob following Spears. Yesterday in Los Angeles, he was involved in some sort of incident with a photographer, then met with the cops, then delivered a stern lecture to the assembled camera hounds, captured in the video after the jump. "It sucks being a public figure, doesn't it?" one of the paps said in response to Ghalib's scolding. But perhaps Ghlaib knows he's being an obvious hypocrite. If his goal is to get closer to Spears and her remaining piles of cash, there could hardly be a better way than by, in one fell swoop, creating a shared enemy and disproving the notion that's he's trying to become her photo pimp. Adnan's lecture: