Elitist social networking site ASmallWorld.net is starting to annoy the pompous rich and famous it was designed to attract. In a likely effort to reverse traffic declines, the site began spamming its members to encourage them to post status updates and check out what their snooty friends are doing, a tactic that did not go over well with the "my time is money" set. Moneyed social divas, meanwhile, are not happy with "interface changes and the ever-expanding presence of advertisers," which have robbed ASmallWorld of "the same level of elitism it was once so admired for," in the words of Ashley Simko, left. If movie mogul Weinstein had a clue about the Web — ASmallWorld was heralded as his first internet investment — he would know about Metcalfe's law, which basically says that when networks compete, second place is worthless. Which is why even the riches prefer Facebook's unwashed masses to ASmallWorld's alleged elite. After the jump, evidence of just how completely Facebook is eating ASmallWorld's lunch.

Alexa stats must be taken with a grain of salt, but the trend is striking.

ASmallWorld.net, three years of pageviews:

Facebook.com, three years of pageviews: