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It's nice to be the son of a billionaire media mogul—especially if you're trying to carve out a music career. Meet Ben Brewer, fiance of M.I.A., and son of Edgar Bronfman Jr. and one of the newest members of the Warner Music family. The aspiring rockstar doesn't sport his dad's famous last name—his mother is Sherri Brewer, the African-American actress who appeared in '70s movies like Shaft—but his father is Warner Music's chairman and, of course, heir to a multi-billion liquor fortune that he has squandered to the tune of billions over the past decade. To Brewer's credit, he's no newbie to the music scene; his band, The Exit, has been around for years. (And his dad has a history of handing out contracts to close pals, like Jimmy Dolan.) Whether or not The Exit is any good seems to be a matter of opinion: Roger Friedman, Fox gossip and Bronfman nemesis, described the group as "incredibly mediocre-sounding," and said they "sound like a Police cover band at a high school prom." You can judge for yourself on the band's MySpace page.