There's always a chuckle to be had when one attention-whore snipes at another attention-whore for stealing her attention-whorey idea, however lame. Today we got an email from a very annoyed Kelly Kreth, the former New York Press sex columnist, who says that Julia Allison pinched something for her blog from one of her old Press columns! Color us shocked-Allison's interpretation of the "borrowing" concept is broad, well-documented, etc. After the jump, the brilliant idea Allison snaggled today from Kreth. First though, a followup request from Ms. Kreth.

From a post on Allison's blog today:

"Sometimes I play a game with my iTunes where I think of a question, then I press shuffle and see if the next song 'answers' that question. You know, like Magic 8 ball but with songs. I really don't care if you think that's lame, seriously try it, it's totally fun. (Although for some reason I frequently get the answer "Smells like Teen Spirit" from Nirvana. weird.)"

It turns out that Kelly Kreth also plays a very similar pretend inside-her-head game with her iPod, which she likes to call her iGod, especially, we assume, when it talks back to her. The audacity of Julia Allison! Isn't that just crazy? Signs for both ladies so definitely point to no shit.