Hud Morgan's budding relationship with Leven Rambin provokes several responses: admiration, that the Men's Vogue writer, can land women as young and beautiful as the blonde actress from All My Children; disapproval, because Rambin, the "adopted" little sister of Star magazine talking head, Julia Allison, is just 17 years old; but mainly amazement, because fruitini-loving Morgan (right) is the most sexually ambiguous ladies' man in Manhattan. Evidence? Try this, from the former gossip columnist's first journalism gig, at Stanford University in 2001, explaining his desire to be reincarnated as a water polo player. "Watching our water polo team play is a lesson in Arian-erotica sport; a Sparticus meets Seaworld, as we, the pasty plebian spectators champion our heroes who wear the armor of a glistening tan." After the jump, a picture Hud might like.