Unrepentant douchebag John Fitzgerald Page, the worst person in the world, received unsolicited advice from an actual admirer, over the Internet. So of course he went and ruined everything by getting into a big douchey fight with the fan, who promptly emailed the whole exchange to us. In it, Page said "I didn't get this far by listening to random advice from strangers," and by "this far" he means "international infamy for bragging about squat-press capabilities and lunch with the Secretary of Defense and for asking questions like 'I went to an Ivy League school... where did you go to school?'" Email thread after the jump.

From the former fan/tipster (highlights in bold):


Just saw your website, it is is awesome dude.

You rock.



Rockin' is what I do.

How did you come across it?




It is all over the internet. You are famous because of your match.com blow up. I heard initially on the news, then a radio show, then checked for myself.

What you do with it is up to you. If you keep on seeming to be oblivious to your mistakes, you'll be in the news.

if on the other hand, you do a video similar to your myspace dating tips, only with a little more self-modesty/self-depriciating humor you'll turn it around to your advantage. Its hard to tell on your myspace dating tips if you are serious or actually mocking yourself a little.



I didn't make a mistake. A women, who I blew off on a private, paid service, with a masked email address, sent my confidential email out to the world.

If you have never had a letter, email, photo or text you don't want read to the U.S., then fire away. If not, you may need to reevaluate your choice of words, as this could happen to anyone, if it happened to guy of my stature - somene who is beyond reproach!





I'd like to help you!

What is not helping your case here is that you keep reiterating that your email was 'private' and therefor no one elses business. Yet, you have gone on the news to address it. So now it is public domain.

Here is my unsolicited advice on the matter, because I actually empathize with you John.

Send a statement to CBS that says something to the affect "I apologize if my words seemed insensitive. I may have become a little carried away with my self-assesment, but hey I really think I am a great guy and a good catch, you can't fault for me that." and leave it at that.

Then shop around for a book deal. You can turn this around to your advantage John. If you can admit you've been a little pompous and conceited and kind of play the Hugh Grant "Awww Shucks" card right now, you can become an advice guru on how to fix any problem.

If you keep on telling her what a catch you missed and why its not a big deal, you'll miss why this has some people laughing not with you, but at you.

If you want my help John, I'll be glad to give it. Not to toot my own horn, but I am a published author, a single parent of a 12 year old, Bank Exec and a few other minor accomplishments that I generally play down. I can't bench as much as you, but I am saying that I do understand where you are coming from and I think I see where you are going wrong.



I refuse to apologize. I will say and do whatever I want. I didn't get this far by listening to random advice from strangers. Where is this fattie if she is so awesome?

No one of those people "laughing" would ever say anything to my face.

They are jealous - that is the bottom line.

Celebs boo hooing on TV make me sick - man up! She is the fuck up, not me!

The media thrives on looking at people's private business - they don't care how they get access!