Ex-Fox News host Rachel Marsden wrote in to let everyone know she's totally moved on from her former "Red Eye" co-host Greg Gutfeld. You'll recall that Marsden was once accused of stalking and questions were raised over a rape allegation she made in the late 1990s. Last year she was escorted from Fox studios after what she described to us as "a format change in the show from 'politics and news' to 'tits and ass,' which fell outside my area of specialization." (As to the photo at left, Marseden has said on her website it was taken "just for fun" for a site called "Babes for Bush.") Marsden, also known as Canada's answer to Ann Coulter, has totally moved beyond all her Fox woes, she writes in two not-at-all-bitter emails to Gawker, reproduced after the jump.

Subject: Scoop for you


I was in DC this past weekend to emcee at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Yesterday, it was brought to my attention by a friend in the media who was also in attendance that my former co-host at Fox News, Greg Gutfeld, insisted on planting security guards on "Rachel watch" at the door of the CPAC Reason Magazine party - just in case "scary Rachel" showed up.

Greg might want to know that he's thoroughly safe. No one could pay me anymore to be in the same room as him - as my leaving Red Eye has already proven.

Incidentally, I was on a date that night in Georgetown with someone exponentially more high-profile and infinitely more secure in his manhood than Greg Gutfeld.

Feel free to quote, however you see fit. The only downside in doing so is that Gutfeld might reach a total of 10 viewers.

Subject: Also

If Gutfeld desperately wants to avoid me that badly, perhaps I could suggest not crashing events where I'm scheduled to speak.