Oh my God, guess what? An Ivy League education may not be the key to success, riches and true happiness after all! Recent Dartmouth grad Jennifer Krimm's Sunday piece in the Washington Post has earned her IvyGate's totally righteous ire. Kentucky public school kid Krimm is an Arabic-speaking Fulbright scholar and former White House intern, and she's pissed that all that resume-packing and bootstrapping hasn't landed her an appropriately impressive job. How dare America do this to her?

"Tired of potatoes and fearful of eviction, I am waiting to see whether Borders thinks I'm qualified to work as a cashier. Next on the list are Starbucks and McDonald's. The next time you are craving fast food, keep in mind that an Ivy Leaguer might be asking, 'Would you like fries with that?'"

Can you imagine, the poor thing? Krimm's blaming the economy (that means all of you out there in America who weren't Fulbright scholars) for the fact that she's now crossing her fingers for a spot in the service industry. There's no possible way that she's been turned down for jobs because she's annoying and arrogant. Nah.