Vapid model Kimora Lee Simmons can do more than marry a rap mogul and plan a trip to Africa to "talk about fabulosity:" She is also identified by Scientology as a key lieutenant in the church's campaign against psychiatry. In a clip posted to YouTube yesterday, creepy church MC David Miscavige said Scientology planned to "smart bomb" and "booby trap" the profession of psychiatry with a "diabolical" media campaign. Simmons' role? Indoctrinate underaged African American boys into Scientology by funneling booklets into inner-citiy neighborhoods on both coasts. At least, that's how Miscavige presents it, but then he also claims to have planted stories in virtually every newspaper and TV network, from the New York Times to Fox News. Videos after the jump.

Though she does not speak on video, Kimora Lee Simmons is depicted as an inner-city Scientology evangelist for 12-18 year olds. The video then claims Coca-Cola, Philips and Dell, and 7-11 help spread the anti-psychiatry message as well in various countries outside the U.S.. (54 seconds)

For background, here's Miscavige's quick, violent overview of Scientology's latest campaign against psychiatry. The video includes a computer-generated hand grenade and smart bomb and depictions of government buildings blowing up. (38 seconds)

Another segment of the video details Scientology's overall media campaign against psychiatry, allegedly planting stories in newspapers and TV newscasts. (1:55)