According to her blog, Rosie O'Donnell will stop drinking, and the comedian appears to have taken all the critical early steps. Step 1, admit that you really, really want to lose weight in order to become happy, and acknowledge that alcohol is standing in your way. Step two, blog a freeform poem thing about it on your crazy website. The full, heart-warming Q&A about Rosie's beery awakening, from the "Ask Ro" section of Rosie's website, after the jump.

Kathy writes:

So Rosie, Alcoholic or NOT? Just spit it out! Don't go all Star Jones on us here. What led to you stopping the Beer? You'll only help someone else. "you felt it was time"…WHY…inquiring minds…

cause i was drinking too much

cause i didnt want to anymore

cause it is hard to lose weight wen drinking

cause i can never have only one

[ via P6]