Did you know Canada finally has its own Perez Hilton? It does, and he's named Zack Taylor, which of course isn't his real name, just what passes for a fun pen name in Canada. Anyway, he's more attractive than Perez and, because he's stuck in Canada, probably works a lot harder to find posts for his IsThisHappening.com. And they're so cute! Examples, along with identity of the Cannuck at left, after the jump.

Did you know Canada has something called the Juno awards, for musical Canadians, and Celine Dion is contractually guaranteed at least four every year? Did you know Canadians can't vote for Barack Obama, but a Cannuck named Esthero snuck across the border into the Obama Yes We Can video to corrupt our Election of Freedom? It's all true! Also, Canadian Ellen Page starred in the movie Juno, and is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and everything, and the Canadian Perez is very, very excited. Finally, Taylor has managed to get interesting pictures of otherwise boring Canadians, like Grudge and Batman star called "Edison Chen," hanging out with a friend in the thumb up top and in the original IsThisHappening item, which links to uncensored original, here.