Movie star Wesley Snipes is certainly a stupid loathsome plutocrat after refusing to pay any taxes whatsoever on $58 million in earnings, a little scheme he devised after facing a measly $2 million tax bill . But the New York Times' dogged tax reporter David Cay Johnston has no business repeatedly calling Snipes a "coward" in the following video clip, taken outside the Florida courthouse where Snipes just evaded the worst criminal charges against him. Snipes brazenly stood up to the IRS, the most feared agency of the most feared government on the planet, and not only dodged taxes but also had the stones to ask for a $7 million refund, issue three hot checks for $14 million and Photoshop an IRS form to read "under no penalty of perjury." Johnston, who wrote the awesome book Perfectly Legal, should know better than to choose his words so poorly.

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