Britney Spears was committed to the hospital twice this month with psychiatric problems and Heath Ledger was on tons of medication before his tragic death. Now we learn that Alex Kalev of Grey's Anatomy checked in and out of the same psych ward as Britney this week and that Kirsten Dunst is "on the verge of a breakdown" after erratic behavior at the Sundance Film Festival. Even the paps are acting strange, quitting their jobs over something called "guilt." Everyone is exhausted, sad and emotionally burned out. Meanwhile, all the twitchy, unpredictable celebrities are descending on New York for Fashion Week to compensate for missing the about-to-be-canceled Oscars. How to prevent a domino-like series of nervous breakdowns? We should, of course, turn to the sage, calming words of sobriety guru Courtney Love. Her advice for Britney and, really, all the troubled souls of the world, after the jump.

Love tells Showbiz Spy that Britney should know she can get better with treatment, just look what it did for Courtney....

I was in rehab, about 3 and a half years ago, and it worked. I know the exactitudes of what is going on having been there and she can get better.

I made that template by being pretty hardcore. It has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is genetic, and it's a disease, it's a part of our brain that doesn't worry about consequences.

Also, this one time, she delivered a very special message about drugs to Lindsay Lohan.

I saw Lohan one time in her room, and there was a show on her TV called ‘101 Celebrity Oops', and I'm like in every clip, you know, boobs out, throwing up, everything. I said to Lindsay, ‘Look, drugs are bad."

Also, Spears may have been on meth.