Moby, international dj sensation andsensitive vegan weiner, took it upon himself to busk (that is, to play in the subway for money) at the Sloane Square tube stop. Sloane Square, btw, is where a particular type of attractive/annoying sensitive-y rich girl pashmina-scarf wearing girl hangs out. They are called Sloanies. You'd think that, since those type of people are Moby's target audience, he'd make a killing. But no! Our little bald honey bun hardly made anything at all. ""At the most I was given maybe £5 or £6, but that's fine because I was obviously not doing it for the money." Ah! I just read through the article in the London Paper. This guy is ridiculous.

From the paper:

Moby, who began playing just after 5pm this evening, started off with well known tracks, such as 'Honey', 'Natural Blues' and 'Why does my heart feel so bad', but soon began to run out of material because he, and singer Joy Malcolm had not rehearsed.

He continued: "It was good. we did not announce anything and I did not even tell any of my friends in the UK, so it was very impromptu.
"We ran out of actual singles, so we started improvising and playing the Blues. Joy started making up lyrics - she's fearless."


Stuck in the subway, and I've run out of all my hits I said, I'm stuck in the subway, and I've run out of all my hits Hasn't been this bleak down here, oh baby, since the London Blitz. I'm too old to cry and I'm too young to carry on. I said, I'm too old to cry and I'm way to young to carry on (don't you know, baby girl?) I live in New York City, but wooo (Falsetto) I grew up in Darrien.