Mike Wallace, the crazily well-preserved 89-year-old 60 Minutes correspondent had triple bypass surgery over the weekend and is recovering nicely, the NYPost says. Good to hear! Despite the relatively decent health possessed by the rest of 60 Minutes crew, their Achilles heel remains their collective ancientness. Being a television news reporter isn't exactly easy on the ticker-PBS talk show host Charlie Rose practically died last year, but he's got a new gig-as a '60 Minutes' correspondent. Just what they needed, another faultily-wired senior citizen!

The senescence of the program's group has had little bearing on ratings so far; Sunday's airing landed the top spot with 14.5 million viewers. Then again, it's not like 60 Minutes has a slew of whippersnappers waiting in the wings to inherit the mantle or anything. How old is the average full-time correspondent for the CBS news magazine? Like Wallace, Andy Rooney rounds out the top of the curve at 89; Scott Pelley is a mere tyke at 50. All in all, their average age is 71. Even if you toss in the part-timers (40-year-old Anderson Cooper, thirty-something Lara Logan and a dash of Katie Couric, who we think is 51, but could totally be a really well-done 74), the average '60 Minutes' reporter is 63. Ageists.