Rupert Murdoch can't hire media maven Tina Brown to the Wall Street Journal, because, well, she hates him and the feeling's probably mutual. But a clone has been found! Her name is Tina, she's a Brit, and she worked at Tatler too! Tina Gaudoin will be the editor of the Journal's new "lifestyle magazine" when it launches in the fall. Rupert, dear, perhaps we ought to devote some time to this during our next session? Murdoch's murky id aside (or not!) what's with News Corp's anti-American hiring proclivities, hmm? Besides Gaudoin (far left) Murdoch's top people include Robert Thomson, the Journal's new Australian publisher and his countryman Col Allan, prickly editor of the New York Post. A few weeks ago, Allan's replacement was rumored to be Rebekah Wade, the firey-maned editor of the Sun. The Post has since dismissed that rumor. Wade wouldn't have been the first UK lady to run the tab—Xana Antunes was editor there till she was canned in 2001. Not that we, um, have anything against editors from overseas. We're just saying.