A celebrity-heavy crowd at Graydon Carter's West Village supper club, this evening, reports one diner at the Waverly Inn:

around 9pm, saw cameron diaz; looks as pretty in person as she does on-screen, tall too. 30 minutes later lindsey lohan walked in, seemed to enjoy the paparazzi and everyone recognize her. 20 minutes, as my boyfriend and i were leaving, i tapped guy on the shoulder that was blocking the exit, and also peeking out the window to see how many paps there were, and said 'excuse me, sorry', only to realize when he turned around that he wasn't the bouncer but diddy himself. he was dressed casually,and he didn't seem to appreciate the fact that i basically asked him to move out of the way. finally on our way out we got smothered by flashbulbs, not as us, but towards patricia fields entering the restaurant.