Yesterday, we wondered about the surely awesome proposal that resulted in the two-day auction of the forthcoming book for I Can Has Cheezburger?, tentatively titled "Professor Happycat's Guide to Lolcats." Half an hour later, said proposal landed in our inbox. Thanks, publishing elves! "The world is going crazy for lolcats," it begins. "Lolcats are pictures of cats with funny captions. No, srsly." It gets better!


We don't envision [the book] as a simple recompiling of images from the website, but rather a supplement to the site… Instead of just slapping some lolcats on a page and calling it a book, ICHC proposes a more adademic approach, hosted by Professor Happycat, [who] will show the reader the finer points of ICHC's most popular memes.

Each page will include an official lolcat definition of the meme along with pronunciation and examples of real life lolspeak situations (i.e. iz u reddy for mah lolcat book?)

Yes. Yes we are!