WWD is reporting that editor Ingrid Sischy is leaving Interview magazine. Funny that, because 14 days ago, when we reported the rumor that Sischy was on her way out, whopper-master and Interview spokeslady Rachna Shah said this to the Observer: "The Gawker item is absolutely not true." WWD got a tetch hissy with us via email. "You guys jumped the gun on that," they wrote. Goodness. WWD's long piece today on Sischy's life and times at Andy Warhol's Interview doesn't mention their original story. To be fair, it's possible that Shah's bosses might have given the flack false information. Not uncommon, but always uncommonly silly. Whoops! The renowned Sischy is leaving the paper after a 23-year tenure, citing partner Sandra Brant's decision to sell her interest in Brant Publications, Interview's parent company. After the jump, Interview's press release on Sischy's departure. At least, that's what we think it is. UPDATE: From a partner at consulting firm HLGroup: "Neither the client nor the publicist involved passed on incorrect information. When the question was asked 14 days ago, Ingrid Sischy was in fact on holiday in South Africa. She had not resigned, nor was her intention at that time to resign."

Renowned Editor of Interview Magazine Ingrid Sischy Resigns After 18 Years

NEW YORK, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Ingrid Sischy today announced her resignation as Editor-in-Chief of Interview Magazine. "I have had the honor of editing one of the most unique titles in magazine publishing and working with tremendously talented people in our industry. With Sandra Brant's decision to sell her interest in Brant Publications, it is only appropriate that I resign at this time. Sandy and I have worked together as a team, and that has been a huge part of the fun of it. While it is difficult to contemplate being away from this extraordinary experience, the time is right and Interview is firmly positioned for even greater success," Sischy commented.

Over Ms. Sischy's tenure she has built Interview into an internationally recognized title that covers the world of art, fashion, entertainment and pop culture. During her more than 18 year tenure as Editor-in-Chief the circulation of the magazine has grown significantly and has become a mainstay vehicle for marketers around the world who are interested in reaching a discerning, culturally aware audience.

"When I was first drafted as editor after Andy Warhol's death I thought I'd stay a few years, devote myself to helping the magazine find its post-Warhol life, and then get back to my writing. Although leaving the magazine and wonderful staff behind is difficult, it is the right decision and one that will allow the new owners to establish their own editorial stamp on the magazine. I am now more than ever, eager to get back to my writing and have several big projects in front of me that need my attention"

"Managing such an important part of Andy Warhol's legacy has been a huge responsibility and I am proud of what Sandy and my editorial team have accomplished in terms of content and growth. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope this great American magazine will continue to flourish," Sischy concluded.

"Ingrid has done a masterful job of making Interview successful. When she first arrived here after Andy's death the future of the magazine was in question and there was an enormous amount of anxiety. She not only moved us through that period but has taken the magazine to a level of success and recognition that is beyond anything we thought possible. Her leadership, thoughtfulness, journalistic expertise and editorial vision have been critical," Sandra Brant commented.

Ms. Sischy started her career at Artforum Magazine in 1979 and is a widely published author on a range of cultural subjects. She has contributed to a broad range of magazines, including The New York Times, and has been the fashion and photography critic for The New Yorker. In 1996 she was the Artistic Director of the first Florence Fashion Biennale, conceiving and organizing the exhibition which occupied 26 museums throughout Florence, Italy and its outskirts. Part of this exhibition was subsequently presented at the Guggenheim Museum. Sischy has been a contributing editor for Vanity Fair since 1997. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, she received an honorary PhD in the humanities from the Moore College of Art in 1987.