Weirdly some of the best blogging of the circus maximus that is Sundance is coming from the New York Times style blog The Moment. Kelly Will of Blonde Rules a Miami native is writing it. Last night, Will was a table with Paris Hilton. "Hilton, who is in town to promote "The Hottie and the Nottie," ate every single bit of her eggplant soup, lamb stew and chocolate cake created by champion Iron Chef, Cat Cora. And, for the record, Paris also requested spaghetti and tequila shots." But that wasn't the most distasteful part of Sundance, even a little bit!

From an earlier blog post:

"Later, Mary-Kate Olsen and Ben Kingsley chewed each other's ears off at a private dinner party sponsored by Turning Leaf wine. Their writer and director, Jonathan Levine, joined them in time to spill the beans on an onset tryst: "Mary-Kate and Ben have a brief moment of passion and we wanted to recreate the game ‘7 minutes in heaven,' meaning they had to kiss and make-out - in a phone booth! Despite the age difference, they were such professionals, the scene felt completely normal."

Ah! So gross! Turning Leaf? That stuff is swill!