Amid your sympathy for America's abused celebrities, who starve themselves to stay beautiful or binge to blot out the noise, spare a thought for the poor paparazzi. Britney Spears is suing one, and sleeping with another; four more were arrested yesterday. This rather mild New Zealand photographer experienced the famous wrath of Bjork, the Icelandic singer-songwriter. The latest victim of a crazed celebrity: a photographer outside the New York hospital to which Gwyneth Paltrow was admitted, who was attacked by her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. New York Post is hosting the video. Hit the thumb for the frame-by-frame, as Martin grabs the paparazzo, pushes him to the ground, and grabs his camera. (And remember: it's your clicks that pit celebrity against photographer.)

[Stills from INF, via New York Post]