Emily Brill, daughter of the publishing entrepreneur, Steve Brill, has a new body. And she's wants everyone on Facebook to know it. To the left, the publishing heiress in 2005. To the right, a current Facebook profile picture, on a yacht in the Caribbean, about 100 pounds lighter.

Emily's father, founder of American Lawyer and Brill's Content, was born in Queens, as he often reminded interviewers. (Though he did go to Deerfield Academy, the same private school as Emily.) He must be so proud that his daughter, who just took a job at NBC Universal, has risen above such humble family origins. Born rich, and newly thin, Emily has been enjoying the life of a mogul's daughter, according her recent status updates on Facebook, the social network:

  • Emily is really really ready for st. barth's...fuel up the yacht bitches...t-1month!
  • Emily is playing with her new clothes and toys...and fuck new years i'm counting down to st. bart's.
  • Emily is bubbled out...fuel up/wheels up nowwww....bubbles cant make it till saturday...
  • Emily is wheels down but her heart is still in the islands...mmm heaven.