It seems like just yesterday that blonde Obama-supporting large-breasted and beautiful actress Scarlett Johansson burst onto America's celluloid consciousness in Home Alone 3 but that was more then a decade ago. ALl things considering, she's waited a while to start directing. Now, at age 24, Ms. Johansson has decided to let the world know that she has like stuff she wants to say too! Thankfully, all she has to say lasts five minutes. Four of those minutes, we suspect, will consist of meaningful pauses. It's like Pinter but without the words!

Woody Allen muse Scarlett Johansson will soon make her directorial debut this year in New York, I Love You, has learned exclusively.

The project, in which Allen will also participate, taps 12 directors to create five-minute films, all love stories set in NYC.

Johansson and Allen will join confirmed directors Anthony Minghella and Mira Nair on the project, from the producers of Paris, J'Taime, a similar flick from 2006.

Love stories set in NYC? ScarJo knows of what she directs! Remember when she and hunkaholic Josh Hartnett were smitten with each other and bought a Tribeca loft only!? That lasted about five minutes too! Zing!