When Julia Allison, the Star Magazine talking head, explained her breakup with Jakob Lodwick, she blamed the charismatic uber-geek's hookup with one of her "close friends". One assumed Julia usually describes friends as close, so that didn't narrow down the field. But the former dating columnist wasn't exaggerating. We'd read their public breakup, a smaller Manhattan version of the tabloid-selling dissolution of Bennifer, was messy; and their downtown world incestuous. We only knew the half of it. [Warning: anyone who clicks on this story waives any right to complain about excessive coverage of Julia Allison.]

Here's the key passage from Julia Allison's personal blog, in which she writes of her boyfriend's betrayal.

Instead of close friend, try "little sister." Leven Ramblin is a young actress on All My Children, the daytime soap opera, on which she plays an autistic teenager called Lily Benton Montgomery. It's a role once occupied by Mischa Barton.

Julia Allison, always quick to attach herself to a rising celebrity stock, took the young ingenue under her wing. In May last year, she even hosted a media coming-out party to mark Leven's 17th birthday. It was a fun party, until the doorman cottoned on that some of the party guests might be underage. The Gawker tag on that story: BARELY LEGAL.

Lodwick's fortunate that, in New York State, the age of consent is lower than the legal drinking age. But, still, an affair with someone Allison called her "adopted little sister" — that's just cruel. Even if she has several adopted little sisters.

The techie, one of the four first employees at the College Humor site, refused to comment. "I don't want to talk to you guys - anything I say will be used against me." Julia Allison was unusually discreet herself: "Please don't post anything on that. People will assume i told you, and i'm not okay with that. i really need it to end." The end.

(Photo by Katy Winn/Getty Images for IMG)