It's 2:38 in the morning and I just read in the New York Times about how the guy from GigaOm suffered a heart attack from the stress of posting on his blog. The headline of the article is Some Brand-Name Bloggers Say Stress of Posting Is a Hazard to Their Health. Later on, though in the article they mention that perhaps it wasn't the blogging that attacked Om Malik's heart as much as the incessant drinking of coffee and scotch and smoking of cigarettes and cigars. Oh well, it's 2:38 in the morning, I haven't moved all night, my blood pressure is high, I'm a dude, I just ran out of Parliaments, I'm getting older every second and if I don't churn out another 5 posts by four, my ass is grass. Also, if I die between this and the next post, KarenUhOh, you can have my stereo. Mathnet, you can have my guitar. Karion, you can have my Penguin book collection. Whoever wants that great native american sweater can have it too. But don't fight over it.