The founders of Vineyard Vines hit it big a few years ago with a clothing line given a leg up by by fancy-nancy John Kerry's ability to pull off a pink whale-dotted tie on the campaign trail. Seems they've gone and started a thing. Prepster-chic Salmon Cove was founded by four Cornell grad s (three of whom played pro hockey afterwards) and their lone James Madison University friend (wait-listed, don't you know, poor thing.) For sale on the Upper East Side at CK Bradley, their stuff (seven whole shirts and a couple of jackets so far!) is tailored for those interested in "a life well-lived," which is code for 'loaded and not afraid to show it.' In a stroke of semi-genius, the Salmon Cove kids stuck their company's insignia under the collars of their polo shirts, necessitating a little power collar-popping in order to properly whore the "lifestyle-inspired" brand.