Among the new shows for spring, you can catch ABC's new sitcom, Cashmere Mafia, in which Lucy Liu plays Mia, a stylish Manhattan magazine editor. Who sounds much like a character from NBC's new show, Lipstick Jungle, starring Brooke Shields. The novel concept that women can achieve power and independence through magazine layout must simply be in the air—two great television minds influenced by the same muse! Of course, this being television, let's be sensible: two networks came simultaneously to a tired cliché of girlish career ambition which has historically produced semi-decent ratings. How tired? Despite Darren Star's affection for the publishing world (besides 'Mafia,' he's also got a pilot in the works about a book publicist called "Literary Superstar"), it's been a long time since magazines were the pinnacle of real-life occupational glamour. And how many other TV shows have been based on the exact same premise over the last couple of decades or so? Quite a few!

1. Lucy Liu is Mia in Cashmere Mafia.

2. Lea Duffy played a cartoonist in Caroline in the City.

3. In a darker role, Courtney Cox plays the editor of a celebrity tabloid, in FX's Dirt.

4. Just Shoot Me: Laura San Giacomo was a journalist at her father's glamor magazine.

5. Ugly Betty features a naive Hispanic secretary trying to make her way at — of course — a fashion magazine.

6. And as a journalist at a San Francisco Magazine, a familiar face: Brooke Shields. The actress must be tired of playing the same role. Next time round, in a decade or so, maybe the networks will give make her a web producer.