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Poor Georgina Chapman. Turns out the rising fashion star's wedding to Harvey Weinstein last December didn't go nearly as smoothly as some guests may have imagined:

"Firstly, I had flu. Then my bridal dress, which had been sent to India to be hand-beaded, came back brown. Can you believe it? The beautiful silk tulle, with very delicate threadwork and pleated fans, was half white and half a dirty shade of brown. Four days before the wedding, we were washing and bleaching it - and praying. And then the whole thing had to be re-pleated."

Of course, it could have also been a "dirty shade of brown" because Harvey inadvertently sat on it, but that's another story. Other revelations: She sewed her grandmother's engagement ring into her garter belt, she didn't approve of her three step-daughters' blue and purple dresses, and she's none too pleased when people suggest her film honcho husband is the reason she's been so successful. "Im not going to deny that being with Harvey has helped. But if the dresses were no good, people wouldn't wear them." Whatever you say, dear.

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