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Faux Ecuadorian socialite Fabian Basabe has an explanation for that arrest a few weeks ago in Los Angeles for unzipping his pants in a dark alley. As you may recall, the former New York resident was arrested for peeing behind an alley outside LA's Crown Club, which his lawyer at the time attributed to Basabe's "bladder problem." The story has changed, it seems! "I was NOT peeing against a wall, and most importantly, I did NOT have my pants down at any time," Basabe tells Paper. Oh, and don't expect him to be sending any roses to Richard Johnson any time soon: "Gossip columns lack so much integrity today," he tells the downtown mag. No, integrity is getting ejected from a club in the Hamptons for using the N-word, lying about just about every detail from your past, making regular appearances at gay clubs while claiming to be straight, and trying to pass yourself off as rich when your dad is, in fact, a bankrupt motel manager.