Future published author Kristin Cavallari got her start on the mid-aughts MTV reality programs Laguna Beach and The Hills. She has attempted TV projects twice since then, first with the disastrous Get This Party Started, and later with The Fabulist.

Yes, Kristin Cavallari co-hosted an E! TV show about fashion trends called The Fabulist. It premiered on St. Patrick’s Day in 2014, and it was canceled in May, after eight episodes. Kristin didn’t even show up for the last two shows, according to TV Guide’s records. (She gave birth to her second child, Jaxon Wyatt Cutler, on May 7.)

The name of the show was never fully explained in promotional materials; as far as I can tell, E! execs just thought it sounded fun. Judging by YouTube clips of The Fabulist that still live online, however, the show itself was not. Here, for example, is a deeply confusing segment from the fifth episode in which Kristin, her co-host Orly Shani, chef Rocco DiSpirito, and a pained-looking Chrissy Teigen discuss the Sriracha “trend.” All agree, zombie-like, that Sriracha is “the little black dress of condiments” and “the Tom Ford of hot sauce.” Shani then reveals that Sriracha makes her husband’s “ass explode.”

In an online interview with Glamour UK in April 2014, Kristin described The Fabulist this way: “I think it’s a ton of fun. We have a blast filming it, and I think that really translates on camera.”

She later added that co-hosting The Fabulist wasn’t too much work for her, in the grand scheme of things. “[For] the new show I just have to fly to New York once a week and film it, and I’m there only for a night or two, so it’s not too bad,” she said. “It’s an hour and a half flight from Chicago, and luckily the last couple of months that I’ve been busy my husband Jay, he’s been off work. It’s not the football season right now, so that’s actually worked out really well.”


This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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