Kristin Cavallari, whose debut book Balancing in Heels hits shelves this actual month of our lives, has a jewelry company. That jewelry company is called—for reasons I never dreamed of knowing 403 days ago—Emerald Duv. What does that mean?

We have already determined, with no help from Kristin or her business partner Chelsea Bulte, the pronunciation of Duv: duhv. But what Duv means, both alone and together with Emerald, has remained a mystery—until today.

Gawker has discovered an interview Chelsea gave two years ago to Malibu Surfside News about the jewelry line. It is titled, “Malibuite launches jewelry line with best friend,” and in it, Chelsea talks about launching Emerald Duv with Kristin, her “best friend.”

Most importantly, Chelsea reveals what Kristin has never dared to explain: the true meaning of Emerald Duv. She put it this way:

We both have babies born in May and wanted to come up with a name that resembled both of us. We used their birthstone—emerald—and doves come in a pair, or twos.

Ahh. So it really is Emerald Dove, but spelled in a fun way, like the names of Kristin’s children.

Did you know that there is actually a bird called the Emerald Dove?

It’s a pigeon.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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