On Day 390 of Kristin, Gawker reported that Kristin Cavallari had landed the cover of Bella LA magazine. It has come to my attention that Bella LA magazine does not exist.

A Bella publicist named Jenna reached out to me via email with the following correction:

Hi Allie,

I hope you are well! I handle the PR for BELLA New York and recently came across your post for “500 Days of Kristin, Day 390: Put This On My Tombstone.” Thanks for mentioning BELLA! Kristin was actually on the cover of “BELLA New York” magazine, not “BELLA LA.” Would you be able to update the post?

The confusion likely stems from BELLALAMag.com which is the new sister website to BELLA New York (which is both a print/online publication). But Kristin was on the cover of the print edition of BELLA New York.

This email confused me, because I learned about Kristin’s Bella (BELLA?) cover via a Twitter account for “Bella LA Mag.”

In the video above, Kristin refers to “exclusive” content on BellaLAMag.com, but she does not mention BELLA New York. I asked Jenna for clarification on this point.

“Yes, the bts [behind the scenes] video is exclusively on BELLALAMag.com (only web),” she wrote back. “It’s a sister outlet to BELLA New York (both web and online). If you wanted to reference it though, you can use the full site name ‘BELLALAMag.com’ versus ‘BELLA LA magazine.’”

My understanding now is that Kristin is on the March/April cover of Bella New York. There is some Kristin video content on BellaLAMag.com, but Kristin is not on the cover of Bella LA, because “Bella LA Mag” is just a website.

Jenna sent me the following cover image, which does say “New York” on it.

Gawker regrets the error.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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