As anyone who pays attention to Kristin Cavallari news on a daily basis knows, Kristin’s jewelry company is called “Emerald Duv.” What we haven’t known—until today—is how “Emerald Duv” is supposed to be pronounced.

Three hundred and twenty-one days of Kristin ago, we asked Emerald Duv’s customer service department this very question. Doov? Duhv? Dee Yoo Vee? The response we got from Cavallari’s design partner Chelsea Bulte did little to clear up our confusion.

Enter this newly surfaced interview Kristin did with one of Billy Joel’s ex-wives on Yahoo! Style’s online fashion news show “#NYFWCoffeeBreak” in September. You didn’t catch it when it aired, either? Well, during the interview, Kristin finally dared to say “Emerald Duv” out loud.

And she said it like “dove.”

Sadly, no amount of therapy will cure me of hearing “Emerald Doov” each time I see the name in print.

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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