Just one year ago, Kristin Cavallari met fellow author and reality TV star Donald Trump at the Miss Universe pageant. Things were different, then—Trump was the owner of the pageant, and Kristin served as one of the judges.

A simpler time.

This year, neither Trump nor Kristin participated in the pageant. Trump was forced to sell the Miss Universe organization in September after making racism against Mexican immigrants a central facet of his presidential campaign. Kristin was not invited to be a judge this year because...who knows? She was replaced by former Miss Universe winner (and friend of Lauren Conrad) Olivia Culpo.

Though Kristin seemed excited to meet Trump last year, she has yet to offer any support for his campaign. The last time Kristin said anything political was in 2008, when she made the following observation about our current president: “Obama seems like a really cool genuine guy, which I think is hard to find nowadays in a president.”

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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