Kristin Cavallari’s favorite celebrity news outlet is perhaps E! News. E! does not drag her into drama and shit, like Us Weekly does, and it was E! that first broke the news that Kristin was writing a book.* Kristin has done a lot of interviews with E!, including an E! Entertainment Special about her life, which I keep forgetting to post here. (It’s 22 minutes long.)

The best little E! interview Kristin ever did, however, has remained hidden somewhere in the bowels of E!’s website for months...until now.

Behold the unedited, unfiltered Kristin. Behold the Kristin who cannot remember her talking points about which foods she likes to eat. It’s all here, in this interview from April that I found last week.

E!’s copy about it reads:

While promoting the NFL’s newly-launched Pinterest board, “The Hills” alum dishes on the food she enjoys splurging on! Take a listen.

So I did.

Kristin starts off strong, revealing her preferred spring trend—“fringe”—but when the conversation pivots to food, she says this:

Food right now...I uh...I’m into anything made with cashews. So I just made ice cream from cashews. I also make a queso dip from cashews...

The interviewer then asks, “Do you serve dip on football Sundays?”

Kristin struggles to respond.

I do. Yeah I’ll make the do, I’ll make the cashew queso. I also make stuffed jalapeños and uhh also make butternut... [exasperated sigh] [eye roll] ...bacon-wrapped but-ter-nut squash. [grimace]

Phew. And to think, just five months later, Kristin became confident enough in her food preferences to charge her app followers for the recipes to make them.

The entire April E! interview can be viewed here.

*book not yet available

This has been 500 Days of Kristin.

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