A Mobile, Ala., mom says school officials forced her daughter to sign a contract promising not to commit suicide or harm others after the kindergartner "drew something that resembled a gun," then pointed a crayon at another kid and said "pew, pew!"

5-year-old Elizabeth was sent home after school officials made her take a questionnaire to evaluating her for suicidal thoughts, then had her sign the safety contract promising to contact an adult if she was thinking of suicide or homicide. This all happened while her mom waited in the lobby to pick her up, the upset parent told WPMI.

According to her mom, Elizabeth didn't know most of the words on the contract she signed. "Suicide," in particular, was a new one for her.

"Mommy, daddy, what is suicide?" Elizabeth's mother says she asked.

The school, E.R. Dickson Elementary, didn't respond to WPMI's request for comment on whether treating 5-year-olds as suicide risks is normal protocol in these situations.

Elizabeth's mom said school officials recommended the 5-year-old see a psychiatrist. She refused.

[h/t NBC News, Photo: WPMI]