A 5-year-old boy from Maryland reportedly wet himself while being interrogated by school officials for two hours without a parent present over an orange-tipped "cowboy-style cap gun" he brought with him to show a friend.

According to the kindergartner's mother, her son was on the bus to Dowell Elementary School in Lusby when he pulled out the toy gun to show a classmate who had brought a water pistol onto the bus the previous day.

Once at school, the boy was pulled into the principal's office and "grilled" for two hours until his mother was finally notified that her son was receiving a 10-day suspension for "possession of a look-alike gun."

In the process of being questioned, the boy "uncharacteristically" wet his pants.

The mother, a school teacher herself, said her son was "all bugs and frogs and cowboys," and "really, really" wanted to show off his cap gun to a friend, so he snuck it out of the house without telling his parents.

Though she insists she has "no problem that he had a consequence to his behavior," she feels the matter was dealt with in an unnecessarily severe manner.

While being informed of her son's suspension, the mother was allegedly told by the principal that had the cap gun been "loaded," he would have been forced to phone the police.

"Kids play cowboys and Indians," said Robin Ficker, the family's attorney. "They play cops and robbers. You’re talking about a little 5-year-old here."

Ficker is in the process of attempting to get the suspension stricken from the boy's permanent record, but, as it stands, he will have no choice but to sit out the rest of the school year.

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